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Passionate About What We Do

Welcome to Picolo & Associados, Ltda.

As Albert Einstein aptly said, 'We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them.' At P&A, we wholeheartedly embrace this principle. We provide our team members with the tools and freedom to express themselves, allowing them to deliver their best work. Our organizational culture revolves around the idea that each individual is an indispensable contributor to our collective success.


Our belief is deeply rooted in fundamental human values: honesty, trust, mutual respect, hard work, communication, ambition, and persistence. We consider these values as the cornerstone of our journey towards success.


We nurture and champion a culture where every team member takes ownership of their responsibilities. We encourage them to seek assistance and exchange ideas with their colleagues, always remaining receptive to new concepts and perspectives. It's this mindset that empowers us to deliver our utmost to our clients.


Our story spans over 40 years, with our initial office established in Fortaleza, Brazil, back in 1981. Subsequently, with the addition of Mr. Luis Kazuao Kumasaka (in memoriam) in Fortaleza, Mr. Antonio Paulo Bastos took the reins. Another office was inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the leadership of Mr. Salvador Picolo (Co-founder & CEO). To further strengthen our network, a third office emerged in Santos in 1990, led by Mr. Antonio Carlos Rodrigues. In 1992, we extended our reach by opening an affiliated office in Miami, Florida, where we cater to the local market and serve clients across the United States of America.


Today, Picolo & Associados, Ltda. stands as an employee-owned company, fully compliant with local laws and regulations. Our extensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of services, including surveys, investigations, salvage operations, wreck removals, and special engineering projects. Our primary focus is the maritime sector, where we act on behalf of Underwriters, Shipowners, Associations, Charterers, and Cargo Interests. With strategically located offices along the Brazilian coast, we are proud to affirm that we have never left a casualty unattended, regardless of its location.


We invite you to explore more about our company by downloading our latest company brochure. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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